Our Family, Our Business

We really love people. And we really love good food. So when Morgan Valley Lamb came up for sale, we jumped at the idea of being able to provide quality, delicious, local lamb to good people throughout the state of Utah. Our main man, Wes, had to brush up on his lamb cuts, but it came pretty easily because he was raised on a grass-fed cattle ranch. He understands how quality meat comes from quality animals who live on local ranches and who are raised on quality feed. And that’s what we want to give to you when you eat Morgan Valley Lamb.

Jamie and Linda Gillmor felt the same way when they founded Morgan Valley Lamb in 2001, selling their lambs to high-end restaurants and supermarkets in Utah. They have been part of a family-owned sheep ranch for over three generations and they were committed to bringing local lamb to Utah instead of selling the meat out of state. They built a strong business foundation with their quality product and service, giving Utah’s finest restaurants the lamb that people loved and continued to seek after and talk about. Then, in 2012, they decided it was time for a change. Jamie met Wes and they found they shared a great passion for first-rate product and bringing it to their communities so that people could purchase healthy, superior meat instead of settling for whatever was leftover.

Wes and Nikki Crandall and their five little kiddos, along with an employee or two, and many hard working, Utah family ranchers, are committed to bringing you lamb. We feel blessed that we get to meet so many great people who love buying local, delicious meat, and who teach us so much about the great communities we are a part of.

            So when you sit down to eat Morgan Valley Lamb at one of the delightful restaurants it is sold at and try the many ways it is prepared, or when you take your own cuts to prepare with your special recipes at home, remember that we have put a lot of thought and care into providing good food for you. Because we really are committed to providing people with local food that they can enjoy and trust. Thanks for making Morgan Valley Lamb a part of your food choices. We appreciate the opportunity to provide something that matters to you and your family.